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AR Oyunlar
AR Oyunlar

AR Oyunlar on iPhone and iPad – Pokemon GO, which has become one of the most popular games in the world at one time, was just one example of augmented reality games on Apple devices. You’ll find the best augmented reality games you can feel while playing with your devices like iPhone and iPad.

Augmented reality (AR or Augmented Reality in its full expansion) was one of the issues that Apple wanted to draw attention to in recent events. Augmented reality, a technology that can benefit people from all walks of life, not just on the game and entertainment side, has become even more important after the release of iOS 11.

Best AR Oyunlar

Developers brought augmented reality mode to their games, some even greeted us with productions on augmented reality. Some famous names introduced their applications related to purified reality. In this article, we will focus on examples of AR technology in the game category. Without further ado, let’s go to our list:

VR Sniper – AR Oyunları

Not to be confused with a much brighter game of the same name for HTC Vive, the VR Sniper is a very simple and fairly short-range shooting game. As the name suggests, you are a sniper and your job is to kill ten enemy soldiers.

To do this, just give them a hard look: the game is aiming directly at the target you’re looking at for three seconds. It is a very nice approach to select menus by simply glancing over long-term controls. In addition to being completely free, you may sometimes see ads. AR Oyunlar.

Sisters: A VR Ghost Story – AR Oyunlar

It may not seem scary to say bogeyman, but if this sentence jumped out of a closet in a dark room, you would be terrified as a small piano chord explodes. Dark room, lightning flash, ominous low-frequency projectiles and disembodied sounds using tried and tested mechanics of spooky games.

Here Sisters: A VR Ghost Story has exactly that atmosphere. I mean, it’s a very claustrophobic environment. Because sound is a big part of the overall experience, it is one of the AR Oyunlari you should experience wearing headphones. It’s less frightening if you have a breakfast radio program playing in the background.

End Space VR – AR Oyunlar

Space games potential is a perfect choice between augmented reality games. But the main reason is if you’re in the cockpit of a spaceship, it’s fun to look around to see enemies thanks to AR.

End Space VR is a successful and fun space fighter. However, it may take time to get used to the game. If you’ve played games on a computer before, coming here on standard game consoles will take some time to learn.

Using the keyboard or controller to move in the console makes more sense, but of course, when using your phone for AR, everything is connected to your touch screen face. It’s a nice game in general and everything is perfect when you plug in your earbuds.

AR Dragon

If you enjoy virtual animal care and development games, you will not know how to turn off the game that entrusts you with the care of a cute dragon. AR Dragon, an augmented reality game designed to handle all ages, can be played on both iPad and iPhone.

According to the statements made by the developer, the training section will be added to the game later. In addition young and adult dragons will also be waiting for their users. For now, you can only play games with it and feed it. If you want to feed a dragon on your table, you should definitely try it.

My Country

AR Oyunlari

My Country is the first city-building game with augmented reality. A cheerful simulation game where you can travel around the world, see interesting places and build your dream city. You control everything in the construction, which allows you to build the city of your dreams on your desk. If you are interested in city building and managing games, you can have a great experience with this game. Playable on both iPad and iPhone models, the game is completely free.

Kings of Pool

AR Oyunlari

Kings of Pool, which brings 8 ball American billiards to the mobile platform and provides augmented reality support, can be played on both iPhone and iPad models. Kings of Pool is an 8 ball pool game that you can play on iOS platform. Play the billiards game for free and enjoy real-life gameplay while chatting with your friend.

The Machines

AR Oyunlari

The Machines, which you can play on iPad and iPhone models with augmented reality support, was a game that came out at the event organized by Apple. Fighting robots in The Machines, the first augmented reality game with the option to play multiplayer. The game’s graphics, which emphasize strategic thinking skills, are also at a very high level.

Splitter Critters

AR Oyunlari

Splitter Critters, which was awarded by Apple last year, has become one of the games with augmented reality mode with the release of iOS 11. In the game with its own unique gameplay, we try to bring the characters to the spaceship. You need to try all kinds of methods to pass the enemies around the spaceship. We recommend you to have the full experience of playing the game, which is constantly updated with updates, with your headphones.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

AR Oyunlari

The Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade, which won the award for the best game of the year 2015, has managed to blend science fiction and fantastic elements in a spectacular way. Warhammer, one of the augmented reality games with iOS 11, uses your own self-generated combat robot to move through all the obstacles that come before you.

Nearly 200 missions welcome you in the game. If you like war games where robots are at the forefront, you should try the game which is also free to play in Turkish.

Stack AR

AR Oyunlari

If you’ve already played Ketchapp games with their simple yet fast addictive productions, try this game too. In the game where you try to build a tower as high as possible by stacking colored blocks that come at certain speeds from the corners of your screen, your touches must be wonderfully timed.

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

AR Oyunlari

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR is a zombie-style game with thermal camera graphics. Even though the end of the zombies does not make the game boring after a while, this is the best AR zombie game that can be played for the time being. You can download the game for free and play it on your iPhone or iPad.

In order to play all the games on our list, you need to have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 and ARKit compatibility. The iPad 9.7-inch and iPad 12.9 Pro models feature augmented reality on the iPhone SE and newer iPhone models.

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